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How will I get the best price for your car?

GoBumpr has partnered with used car buyers all over the city who bid for your car in real-time and agree to follow the door-step inspection model cum immediate payment terms set by GoBumpr. GoBumpr shall ensure the best price for your car from whichever dealer partner who quotes the highest for your car.

Will my data be shared with all dealers?

No, we are very keen on preserving the confidentiality of your personal information. Even while uploading your car’s picture, we mask the original number plate. We make sure that your car’s papers and your personal information are not shared with any third party apart from the dealer who visits you for inspection. So, sit back and relax! You won’t be getting spam calls/ emails :)

What are the benefits of selling my car via GoBumpr?

Selling a car is an extensive and uncertain process. One is never sure of their car’s real market value. Listing online leads to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling etc. GoBumpr makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience at your door-step, no need to make any visits to any place. If you’re thinking about selling your used car, but don’t want the hassle that comes along with it, you’re in good hands.
Benefits of selling with us:
  • Spot Instant valuation
  • Free inspection at your door-step
  • Best price in the market guaranteed
  • Instant payment within 24 hours

Peace of mind GUARANTEED at your Door-step! GoBumpr is the most convenient and the smartest way to sell your car.

How do you buy my car?

Once you express your interest to sell your car via GoBumpr, selling your car happens in below three steps:
  1. We come to your door-step for inspection
  2. We make an instant offer
  3. We make instant payment and take care of complete documentation

What all documents are required to sell my car?

Following documents are required at the time of inspection:
  1. Original RC (Mandatory)
  2. Insurance Certificate / Cover Note / Policy
  3. Original Invoice
  4. Duplicate Keys
  5. Service Manual
  6. Last Service Receipt
  7. Extended Warranty Certificate
Following docunents are required for making instant payment:
  1. PAN card of the registered owner
  2. 4 Self attested photos of registered owner
  3. Registered owner's:
    1. Aadhar Card or
    2. Voter ID Card or
    3. Passport
  4. Financial documents in case of financed car
  5. 1 Cancelled cheque
  6. GSTIN Registration Certificate (Required only if the car's RC is in the name of the Firm / Company / HUF etc.)

My vehicle is not in running condition. Can I sell the same?

Why not? Of course we will! We wil come to the door-step and do a physical inspection. Do remember, though, that the value of your car will depreciate by more than 80% market value of a running car. We do guarantee that we’ll offer you the best possible price.

What if the RC is not in my name?

The registration certificate has the details of the registered owner of the car. We only purchase a vehicle through its registered owner to prevent fraud. The payment is also made only to the current registered owner of the vehicle, to provide the safest car selling experience to our customers.

What if I don’t have all the documents in place?

We do insist that you have the relevant document for a swift transaction, nevertheless if you forget… No problem! We’ll sign off the purchase agreements subject to completion of all pending documents. However, we’ll initiate the payment only once you provide all required documents.

What happens to the car after I sell it?

This is the most important thing to know. Glad you asked. Selling your car is not about cash but ensuring ownership is transferred so that you have no liability associated with the car. Some businesses often don’t transfer the ownership for a long time and this means anything wrong happening with your car could still be your liability while you don’t own it anymore. We hence have a trusted set of partners, from OEMs, leasing companies to corporates and organized showrooms to ensure that your car is in safe hands and that your liability is completely closed when you sell your car

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